A VERY Rough Start


I’m sitting here waiting on my brownies to bake…I went to check on them a couple of minutes before the timer went off and they weren’t even in the oven. They were on the counter where I left them. But that’s small fries…

My flight leaving Detroit Monday was too full in the cabin so they forced me to check my carry-on, sending it to Reykjavik. I wasn’t happy about it, but they wouldn’t budge. The flight was an hour late due to a storm and I ran to my international flight, barely making it. Since everything was behind due to the storm, we waited on the runway for an hour. Which was fine, I watched a movie, ate dinner, and sprawled out since I was the only one in my row. I’ve never felt more spoiled in my life.

The flight got in at around 5am Illinois-time. A group of about seven of us waited an hour at the baggage claim. And then the belt stopped and we knew we were screwed. Granted, it wasn’t only the Detroit flight people, one man was from another flight and his bag didn’t make it, either. There were three hikers who lost everything, we made eye contact and we shared mutual pity for each other, them knowing I had a five hour drive.

I filed my claim, bought my bus pass, and spent the 45 minute drive to Reykjavik between the ocean and the lava drenched mountains trying to figure out how to fix my problem. I had my backpack. It had my electronics, food, and raincoat. I’m so excited about my raincoat, I had almost packed it in another bag. Alda picked me up at the bus station and while she was shopping at another store, I went to a store that was called something that sounds like “Hack Up” and bought pants, a turtleneck, a toothbrush, toothpaste, foundation, and eyeliner. For $130. I spent $75 dollars on the pants alone, which would cost me $20 in the US. Combined with not being able to read labels and needing to convert the kronas into dollars, it wasn’t pleasant. Good news, though! I bought travel insurance (Travel Guard) for once in my life, and it should cover up to $300 of my expenses for my baggage delay. And it had better pay for those pants.

I have the cutest little room at Alda’s house, her daughter is the same age and SIZE as I am, so I have another change of clothes now, and now I’m hanging out with the film techs, one of whom once lived in Canada and doesn’t have an accent when he speaks english. My luggage should be here by the end of the week and I’m feeling superbly blessed. Now for the brownies…


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