Potholes and Waterfalls

Dan and I drove to Dynjandi today. It’s a ginormous waterfall in the West Fjords that is worth the drive. Which is saying a lot considering how terrible the gravel/dirt road is to get there. On the way to Dynjandi, we drove through Bildudal to visit Skrimslasetur, the Sea Monster Museum. It was pretty epic and very affordable. The host is awesome, and the museum has food and drinks starting in June. Check out their website at http://skrimsli.is/ for more information! While there, Dan and I met a group of four campers from America who were driving the Ring Road. Before we left, the host was so impressed with one of them, he gave him a signed copy of the book he had written! 


The campers were on their way to the waterfall, as well, and left Bildudal about ten minutes before Dan and I followed them. It didn’t take long for us to catch up with them. Considering they were on the side of the road with a flat tire and everything.


Dan and I hopped out and loaned them our jack to help the process out a little. As we were up on a mountain, the steady mist became rain became snow and we stood in the mud as the guys changed the tire. At this point, a guy I had worked with over the weekend just happened to be driving through, so I got to say hey to him before he left town. His face when he saw me hanging out on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere was pretty priceless. Once they no longer needed the jack, we headed on and met up with them again at the waterfall. It turns out, the girl in the group has been to a city near where I live, so I kindly requested a selfie. I gave her the address to my blog, so I’m sure she will see this at some point… Hi! Thanks for being awesome!


And I’ll leave ya with some more pictures of the trip. 

IMG_1313 12.42.08 PM IMG_3228  IMG_3223 IMG_3220


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