At the Ends of the Earth

Friday Dan and I went on a shorter adventure to the cliffs, which are only about 45 minutes away from Patro. They are a big tourist attraction, and I can definitely see why. Although it is a great place to spot puffins, we weren’t able to see any. Apparently they detest Dan. Though this morning, I was told the puffins like to be out very early in the morning. The guest who told me this plans on going at 3am tomorrow to see if he can spot them. Good luck to him, I’ll be sleeping with my eye mask, thank you very much.

On the way back from the cliffs, we went to this gorgeous beach, and it was such a low tide, we walked for ages though what looked to be a desert. Mountains behind us and nothing but smooth sand before us, we walked until we finally found the water. And what a view!!! I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Such a pleasure to just bask in nature and the beauty of it all.

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