Yup, I’m hopeless when it comes to traveling.

So I thought I would be okay staying here at home for awhile. I was away for quite some time in Iceland, and immediately went away to Iowa when I got back to America. Surely I would be okay and content for at least a few months, right?

My cousin got married today. As we were cleaning up the reception hall after everything, one of my uncles asked me when my next adventure was going to be. I said I am planning on getting a job, and getting ready for grad school. So I’ll be staying put for awhile. My dad laughed.

Fast forward to less than five minutes later when my cousin who lives in New York City says, “Yeah, come up sometime and we’ll go to any show you want.”

Firstly, she knows my weaknesses, specifically theatre and travel. Secondly, I’ve already found a flight.

I’m so sick and I don’t think there is a cure.


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