When Opportunity Knocks

Open the freakin’ door. Like, wide! If you fall through the door and land on your face, at least you tried. I think a little bruising is a lot better than anxiously peeking through the peephole and watching Opportunity get fed up and walk away. Bruises hurt less.

So last Tuesday, I worked myself out of a job at my theatre and when my boss asked me what I would like to do, I said I would like to work as an editor at the local newspaper office.  The following day I was at my Gramma’s reading the newspaper when I saw an ad it had placed for a News Clerk. When I got home I went ahead and sent out an interest email, rather haphazardly, to one of the two contacts on the ad and got a callback less than half an hour later from the publisher. He was just about call someone else to hire them when he got my email. He knew several of my references so when I had my interview the next afternoon I already had the job.

Sometimes I pout about my inability to get a job on my own merit, but I guess my references do like me a bit or else they wouldn’t say, “Hire that girl!” or whatever it is they do.

I had my first day at work today. It’s tons of fun and I have a wonderful feeling about it. In fact, when I told BossMan I would be in New York City over the weekend, he asked me to write an article on it. *hides face* And the first thing that came out of my mouth was “Will I get paid for it?!” I quickly added “Yes!” I think the status of my bank account has been overriding my sense of propriety lately… I gotta fix that. But really, the thought of getting paid to travel and share my stories just lit me up! The thought! I’m really just tickled pink about the whole thing. I get to write about community events which are important to me already. To also have the opportunity to write about traveling? Shut the front door. If you had told me this would be my job a week ago I would have laughed.

So yeah, stay tuned for some fun NYC stories… they may just end up in a publication. And I may, dare I say it? get paid for doing something that is as natural as breathing. God just spoils me rotten, really. I know many people think I’m ridiculous and that I don’t have to work for anything… they are right. God always gives me the resources and opportunities I need to support myself, and He loves me in the most ridiculous way. One thing people get wrong, though, is that they think I take all of this for granted because it’s something I am accustomed to. On the contrary, I know how incredibly blessed I am and I will never take my life for granted. And so I open every door God gives me, because I know He is on the other side.


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