Maybe That’s Why…

Last week Moriarty found me on Facebook. Now, by Moriarty, I’m referencing the antagonist of Sherlock Holmes. As Sherlock’s opposite and equal, they were perfect for each other. Just watch BBC’s version with Benedict Cumberbatch, you’ll understand what I mean.

So Moriarty lives half way across America but decided to chat with me anyway. I told him flirting was pretty useless considering the distance and that I wouldn’t be in his area until May.

Today he texted me saying that he was going to stop flirting… and speaking to me altogether because he knew he would keep flirting if we kept in contact.

I have finally found someone who takes responsibility for his emotions. And he chose to remove himself from the situation altogether rather than be tempted. I’m rather dumbstruck. It’s like he would rather not talk to me and have the possibility of having a wonderful encounter later on, than flirt and get to know each other online and end up causing an awkward first date.

I just read a blog post from Storyshucker called, “Maybe That’s Why.” He spoke of how an experience with a stray dog taught him a valuable life lesson, and though his time with the dog was brief, it was important.

Moriarty reminded me that I am attractive, smart, and interesting; but more importantly, reminded me that mature, funny, intelligent, Christian men are out there looking for women like me.

So maybe that’s why…


What do you think?

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