An Embarrassing Global Election

As many of you who follow my blog know, in May of 2015, I lived in a small village in Iceland. While there I had the pleasure of living and working with another traveler, Dan Barabas, who hailed from Romania.

Dan, who is currently working on his Ph.D. in Tourism, has been traveling all over Europe. He keeps abreast of global happenings — as do most Europeans I have met — and we had a great time discussing philosophy, religion, and politics while we were together.

Because of the controversial presidential election, I thought it would be interesting to ask Dan what he thought of it. We keep in touch thanks to the internet, and he was happy to share his thoughts when I asked him about the election.

As for the general mood of Europeans toward the US presidential election was, Dan stated that the role of U.S. President is a privilege and most of society is expecting the candidates to be role models.

He went on to say, “Sure, seeing Trump running for [the] presidential election is kind of wow… Suddenly, once with Trump in the “title picture,” what should have been a “classy” contest, became, in a way, a kind of charade, a travesty, a less meaningful thing, a kind of [reality] show… then again, apparition of such characters in such highly positions proves, once again, the downfall of the nowadays society in matter of choosing their leaders…”

As for how the election will affect global politics and how it affects his perception of America, Dan stated, “Probably, in a way, the status of American President will start to be questionable, the idea of “the world’s most powerful man” will start [to] be a bit shady giving [sic] who will be that person. USA statements will start to be put under [a] microscope and the trust in American people in choosing their leader properly will be highly debatable.”

Regardless of intentions, it seems the presidential candidates’ mudslinging and lack of tact is not having a positive affect on how my friend, Dan, sees our country. It makes me wonder if the rest of Europe (and the world) think the same thing.


What do you think?

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