The Unorthodox Nun


I do things the wrong way.

I graduated college when I was supposed to graduate high school. I got my motorcycle license when I was suppose to be out drinking for my 21st birthday. I have a left-handed mouse although I’m right-handed. I wear a wedding band although I’m not married.

Last week I bought a plain silver band on Etsy. It’s sleek, simplistic, and that’s my style. When I got it this week, I was surprised at how I just kept thinking of it as a wedding band. That’s not what I bought it for. I wear it on my right hand. No need to deter perfectly available men… It reminds me of a purity/ promise ring. I’m too old for that now. It’s like a nun’s wedding band. “I am my Beloved’s, and my Beloved is mine,” so many of them are engraved.

I’ve been struggling with letting go of my past mistakes lately; it seems only suiting that I accept this piece of metal as a token of my determination to do better and to remember to Whom I belong. Although I’ve made some bad choices, I have too many piercings, and color my hair to my grandmother’s chagrin, I’ve decided to wear the ring. Because I’m all about doing things the wrong way. 


What do you think?

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