To Canada!

Well, I finally got out of here and went on an adventure. And this was a special adventure, to boot. My girlfriends from college and I got together for our four-year anniversary. I saw Catherine in 2014 and Rebekah in 2013, but we hadn’t all been together since Catherine graduated in December 2012.

Catherine and I found each other in the Seattle airport and stood in the cool air waiting for Bek to pick us up. It had been pretending to be summer in the Midwest when we left from Missouri and Illinois, respectively, so the change in temperature was a welcome shock.

The day after we arrived, we went into the city and watched the traveling Broadway production of Newsies. My lands, it was amazing. I haven’t watched the movie, so it was new and exciting for me. My favorite part was when a character exclaims that, not only is their story on the front page, it’s above the fold! I laughed so hard my friends glanced at me with embarrassment. Sorry ladies, you just have to work in a newspaper office to get why that’s such a hoot.

We got home around midnight and awoke about six hours later to take an Uber to the docks. We were going to Canada! The water was rough due to the weather, and the clipper we were in was on the smaller side of big for a boat, which meant seasickness. Although they took a detour to stay out of the worst water, it also meant a delay, so we almost didn’t make it to the Empress Hotel in Victoria, B.C. for high tea.

Running into the elegant hotel, we asked for directions to the dining parlor and the bathroom. We hit the bathroom, changed into our nice clothes, and made it to the dining parlor with a few minutes to spare. The tea was lovely and the dainty sandwiches and desserts were more than enough for lunch. The high tea was part of a package deal which included the clipper, tea, and hotel room at another hotel. This made it affordable to do the tea; it is otherwise about $50 a person.


The girls and I enjoy high tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, B.C. 

After dropping off our bags at our hotel which we finally located, we found our way to a bookstore where I bought Frankenstein. The day grew short and our stomachs empty so we went to the Sticky Wicket Pub. Yum. Oh my lands, it was the best meal I’ve had in ages.

The following day we went to the Craigdarroch Castle. We had mistaken the castle for Hatley Park of X-Men repute, so needless to say I was disappointed. The castle was still gorgeous and my friends and I had a blast playing the piano in the grand room on the top floor. The best part was finding Smarties in the gift shop. Now, these aren’t American Smarties made from sugar. They’re beefed up M&Ms I’ve only been able to find in Europe. So good to know they’re almost in the States.


Craigdarroch Castle

We went back to the Sticky Wicket for a late lunch because when you’ve found good food, there is no need to look any further. After sunbathing on the pier which was flooded with booths and tourists, we went back to the clipper dock and took a much smoother boat ride back to Seattle.

Sunday consisted of watching Bek being inducted into the Anglican Church, real Greek gyros, watching Anne of Green Gables, and board games. Clue is terribly boring and I stink at Scrabble. You know, I just realized that I don’t know who won. That’s a shame.

The next morning I was on a plane, but I had one more adventure in me before I went home…



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