Have a Jesus Day? What?

Jesus Day

While getting off of the phone with a lady the other day, she responded to my farewell with, “Have a Jesus day!” The phrase startled me. Not only was it odd, but it was concerning. What were the implications of having a “Jesus day?”

It could be a great thing, having a Jesus day. I could feed thousands of people or heal the sick and hurting. I could have hundreds of followers and a really tight group of twelve friends.

I could also be ostracized in my own community, have one of my best friends turn me in to the police for a bribe, or be tortured for a crime I didn’t commit.

Do I really want to have a Jesus day?

Jesus had a very hard life. He was doomed to be born into a world that didn’t understand him. He was forced to reckon with sin — His very antithesis. Imagine always being around your antagonist. Draining, much?

Maybe I’m looking at this wrong. Perhaps the lady meant for me to have a “Jesus’ attitude day.” Jesus was never mean or spiteful. Jesus was never negative or rude. He exuded joy and love and confidence regardless of what was happening in the world around Him. His day-to-day life did not affect Him; He affected it.

This world is not our home. Jesus told us it would be against us. But when life gets us down, we can make a choice. We can either react and make carnal decisions or we can follow the example of Jesus.

So if that lady ever tells me to have a Jesus day again, I think I’ll tell her, “Thanks, I will.”


What do you think?

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