Another glimpse of perspective

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In May of 2015, I lived in a small village in Iceland. While there I had the pleasure of living and working with another traveler, Dan Barabas, who hails from Romania.

Dan, who is currently working on his Ph.D. in Tourism, keeps abreast of global happenings and we had a great time discussing philosophy, religion, and politics while we were together.

I interviewed him in March about our election process, and recently decided to interview him again as things are drawing to a heated climax.

When asked how the media coverage has been, he said there has been coverage of Clinton’s corruption charges, “but comparing to everything you hear about Trump, this is like the ripples from a stone dropped into the ocean.”

Sadly, Dan has not seen any media coverage for Jill Stein (Green Party) or Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), and I asked him if he thought the media was more propaganda than reporting. He considered the news to be reporting “with a thick later of propaganda … you have the impression that the idea of reporting doesn’t exist anymore… but it is still there, for the ones who are able to distinguish between these two ideas of reporting.”

Dan assuredly had thoughts about Donald Trump. “Definitely, this election is getting a lot of attention/media covering but, to be honest, I guess this is most because of Trump running for president. ‘Cancan’ stuff is always appealing for the large masses of people and Trump through everything he does, is written ‘sensational’ all over the place.”

As for how the States’ political process compares to that in Romania, “I would say that your process is at least 10 levels above … even if the propaganda is still there, … Romania is kind of democracy wannabe (actually sometimes I’m wondering why it is still called that Romania is a democratic country — because is just an empty shell). Your elections process is still, from my point of view, even if is not flawless, closed to perfection as it can be.”

In the end, between the drama of both Clinton and Trump, and the rise of the third party candidates, Dan asserted that “this is what democracy is all about: Anybody can have a chance to get there.”


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