Weird Wednesday: Struggle is what makes traveling great

Where Am I?

“Adventure is just bad planning.”
-Roald Amundsen

I often look back at my favorite travel stories. Some are about love and some are of paradisaical locations, but most involve impending disaster.

Something about being confused, lost, or frustrated while traveling makes the trips special. I think otherwise when I’m lost or being yelled at in a foreign tongue, but the struggle is often what makes travel great. If I wanted everything to be easily accessible, in English, and fast, I wouldn’t leave home.

How boring would life be if everything were easy? Every book, movie, or story that we decide to value revolves around conflict. Stories would be terrible without it. And life would lack meaning.

So go explore something new. Struggle. Question your strength. Throw yourself off the deep end and decide if you’ll sink or swim.

You can thank me later.

The kitchen wall at Lesbox Island's Camp Pikpa

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Welcome to my world!

Hi, welcome to my first blog post! I’ve created this blog to stay connected to my friends and family as I travel around the world, specifically, to Patreksfjörður Iceland. I hope you enjoy my stories and photos of the beautiful country. I can’t wait to see what adventures I will have!