Halfway Across The World

Welcome to my first #tbt post! Since I haven’t been traveling I figured I would take you all back in time to pre-blogdom.

I like the “On This Day” tab of my Facebook. It’s great fun to see what I was up to. Three years ago this week, coincidently, I announced that I was going to Thailand. That happened to be what I was going to write my first #tbt about.

Getting to Asia is as close to torture I have been thus far in my first-world life. The flight in a very cramped seat for… 15 hours? 19? I can’t remember… and waking up to vomit every hour like clockwork really wore me out. Combine that, dehydration, and an absolute repulsion of Thai food (It’s not personal. It’s my stomach.) made the trip very difficult. What I experienced there, though, made up for it.

We went to schools in two different areas near Bangkok. We brought a clown and shared American culture and language to the youth. We also shared the gospel.  Sharing the gospel in Asia was very cool. Since they believe in many gods, they didn’t immediately dismiss Jesus. Instead, they were curious about who He was and is, and how He somehow trumped their gods. The faith shown by everyone, not just the children, was astonishing. We believe in the Holy Spirit and divine healing, and the healings which we saw were amazing. The Bible talks about the deaf hearing and the blind seeing. Well, let me just tell you that, with faith, anything is possible.

I’ll never forget the wonderful, beautiful Thai people and their amazing faith.



Returning to Ground Zero

Eight years ago in New York City I walked by a construction site. It was surrounded by fencing and black plastic, but through gaps I could see a hole. A massive hole. In 2001 it was one of the Twin Towers. People hurried by on the street somberly and I blended back into the crowd.

On August 21st, I revisited the site. Walking through the small park, I stopped when I got to one of the memorial pools. Engraved with the names of those who died, the water rushed from under the border and cascaded over the edge into the deep, black basin like tears. Here in this park surrounded by trees and park benches, this spot still weeps for those lost to hatred and terror. The engraved border is wide and cold to the touch. Everyone places their hands on the stone and traces the names with their fingertips. Christopher, Mary Lou, Frank… A white rose is placed on a special engraving for Engine 65.

I look up to the One World Trade Center. When I stand beside it, I can’t even see the top. The tower is sleek, noble, and fierce. From the depths of the pool to the top of the Tower, the whole site seems to project this sense of bold resistance to terror. Standing here I feel the strength of this city and of our nation. As the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, I am glad to have visited the site where, though many lives were lost, terror did not win.

 IMG_4774 IMG_4775 IMG_4779 IMG_4784IMG_4766

At the Ends of the Earth

Friday Dan and I went on a shorter adventure to the cliffs, which are only about 45 minutes away from Patro. They are a big tourist attraction, and I can definitely see why. Although it is a great place to spot puffins, we weren’t able to see any. Apparently they detest Dan. Though this morning, I was told the puffins like to be out very early in the morning. The guest who told me this plans on going at 3am tomorrow to see if he can spot them. Good luck to him, I’ll be sleeping with my eye mask, thank you very much.

On the way back from the cliffs, we went to this gorgeous beach, and it was such a low tide, we walked for ages though what looked to be a desert. Mountains behind us and nothing but smooth sand before us, we walked until we finally found the water. And what a view!!! I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Such a pleasure to just bask in nature and the beauty of it all.

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